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Story Teller

Donna has enjoyed telling stories to people of all ages. She has performed at events, schools, churches, libraries and community functions.


She is a short woman who tells tall tales, a flatlander who shares mountain stories and a real person who can lead you into the realm of fairies.

Story Gatherer

Do you have family stories that need to be gathered?  Do you have a mom, dad or grandparent who is a library of family tales and history?


Donna is a professional listener who can help bring out the stories of others. She has worked with nursing homes and retirement communities, offering workshops and theraputic telling circles. 

Story Advocate

Donna has worked on numerous storytelling events and is one of the founding members of VASA (Virginia Storytelling Alliance). She has served as a board member and as president.


During her 30 years as a school librarian she worked tirelessly to infuse a love of story into the students - always telling them stories rather than simply reading them.

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